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Narendra Mishra

Make money from internet

My story is very primitive one. I borrowed money from my girlfriend. You might think that I didn’t pay her back and she dumped me, but you won’t be right. I paid her back everything till the one cent, even more than that I took her on vacation and bought her MINI Cooper for her birthday. This all happened because I started to earn money from internet by trading on Forex market. The idea of starting to earn money online was a complete secret from everyone around, I didn’t tell anyone, even to my girlfriend. My parents always thought that trading, exchanges and especially Forex market is all scam and more look like playing in casino, so they obviously wouldn’t appreciate my new idea. In addition I was already warned once about cards and casino by my dad (who used to play box in his youth) so I didn’t want to play with the fire. In short words my parents would never want me to earn money online instead of working like everyone else in the office or on a factory. Going back to my girlfriend, she is also wouldn’t be happy if she knows I started to make money from internet But what could I do instead? I am unemployment student with any other choice accept to earn money online for free. Especially on Forex market where you can earn money online without investments. You would probably ask me how to make big money on internet by working with currencies. It is very easy. I didn’t hurry up, I learned carefully on my mistakes, tried different strategies, traded with small lots, used not more than 10$ of my own money, I had loses but they didn’t upset me cause it wasn’t a fortune. Of course when I decided to earn money on-line by trading on Forex market I watched news, red statistic data, read market guru blogs and books of how to make more money online fast. Analytics I read home, of course no one took a bad eye on me of that, plus no one cared what I read in internet at home. But the situation with physical trading was more complicated, I couldn`t tell anyone that I figure out how to earn more money online fast. Parents could see quotes, charts on my computer desktop and all that would cause a lot of questions so I borrowed Smartphone from a friend of mine and started to make big money on internet by using phone. I traded with success. I made my first pocket money and paid my girlfriend back, started to buy her expensive gifts, support my family. As long as there were no questions everything was fine but after a while I had to tell everyone where I got money from. After the truth was opened my girlfriend got upset on me. She was upset for a while, but a while ago she asked to me to learn her how to trade, I was confused but decided to teach her and make her feel how this is great to make money online fast. Talking about parents, at first they were angry but then realized the entire situation and presented me new Smartphone so trading became more convenient for me. Now you know how to earn money online for free and please don’t believe anything in the internet which says that trading without investing is impossible.